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Tips Health Tamil – Health Tips for Pregnant Women in Tamil! Tips for healthy babies! Pregnancy guidelines that pregnant women can follow! Ways to raise a newborn baby

How To Take Care Of Pregnant Woman Daily In Tamil !!! Health Tips for Pregnant Women!!! Tips for healthy babies! Pregnancy Advice!!! Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy!!!Tips for a Healthy Baby!!!Pregnancy Tips for Women in Tamil

Tips Health Tamil

Tips Health Tamil

In the early stages of pregnancy, a common problem for pregnant women is nausea and vomiting. No matter what I eat, I feel sleepy. If we do not eat because of it, we and the baby will not get the necessary energy and nutrition. To avoid this, instead of three meals, you can divide the same amount into six meals (tips for pregnant women).

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This prevents an empty stomach. During pregnancy (pregnancy) some women should eat a diet rich in carbohydrates. For some people, a protein-rich diet is good. So it is better to know what food is right for us and eat it.

We just have to remember that whatever we eat, it should be healthy for us and our baby. Nausea and vomiting are worse in the morning.

🙎 (How to take care of a pregnant woman every day) This is possible because the stomach is empty in the morning. So it is better to keep food near the bed. Vomiting can be avoided by eating a small meal soon after waking up and resting for 20 minutes.

🙎 (Pregnancy Care Tips) Do not eat cold food during pregnancy and eat freshly prepared hot food. Eat room-warming food instead of refrigerated food. Because food stored in the refrigerator is difficult to digest.

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🙎 Eating fatty foods can cause vomiting and heartburn. So it is better to completely avoid salty and fried food.

🙎 Avoid drinking too much water at one time. For some women, certain liquids, bright lights in rooms, etc., can cause nausea and vomiting. If so, it is better to stay away from such things.

🙎 Drinking ginger tea in the morning and eating ginger sweets can control vomiting. Women who cannot find relief with home remedies should seek medical advice (Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy).

Tips Health Tamil

👨 Being a parent is not only fun, but also difficult and responsible. And it can bring a lot of fear to first-time moms. Now let’s see the important things to remember in child rearing.

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👨 Babies, in the first two months after birth, should sleep 15 hours a day, each sleep lasting 2-4 hours. Children’s nails grow quickly. Because of this, it is possible that it is possible to crawl when the child moves his arms and legs. So it is important to cut the baby’s nails often.

👨 For three weeks after birth, it is enough to wipe the baby’s body with a soft cloth, two or three times a week.

👨 From birth to 6 months, breastfeeding is essential for them. No need for water. Mother’s milk protects babies from diseases. It is full of immunity. When carrying a newborn baby, it is very important to carry the head with the hands.

👨 After two weeks of birth, if you do things like cuddle, make noise and go to the baby, the baby’s brain will develop well.

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👨 After 6 months, you can start giving the baby food that is compatible with mother’s milk. At the age of 2 years, the child should be used to eating what adults eat.

👨 If they start talking at 7-8 months, the family should talk to them a lot. At the same time, when natural disasters occur, they should be used to notify parents.

The joy of rebirth after giving birth, the joy of seeing the face of the child she gives birth to, although pregnant women look happy on the outside, they face severe pain, confusion and physical ailments.

Tips Health Tamil

Doctors call it ‘postpartum depression’. We understand it only when we empathize with them, the chemical changes that take place in the body after the birth of a child, the social changes and the psychological changes that they go through are all combined. Postpartum depression after giving birth This depression, which occurs in the first three weeks, can last for several weeks and months.

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These women cannot take care of themselves, their children and their families.

😕 After pregnancy, women feel fear, anger and irritability. They seem to have lost their confidence. Without the bond between the child and them, the gap is huge.

😕 Crying, eating and sleeping more than usual, more or less. Stay away from family members and friends. Feelings of harming the child or harming oneself are heightened. How to solve the problem:-

😕 Getting help and support from family members. Simple exercise like walking and following a healthy diet as prescribed by the doctor. Get enough sleep.

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😕 It is very important to take the help of a psychiatrist instead of sitting in the room and going out from time to time for the treatment of postpartum depression which can be easily treated with proper treatment.

😕 Most important is the care and cooperation of the husband and family, when they give their full love and support to the new mother, they can easily get out of the stress.

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