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Health Tips Health Tips Telugu – First there was Jambo. Jambo who was with God and became God. He was first with God. Everything happened because of him, nothing happened without him. He had a soul, and that soul was understanding people.

But the idea of ​​Christ’s life is the fulfillment of prophecy, the idea of ​​his life was written before he was born. The prophecies of the Old Testament foretold the life, death and resurrection of Christ. The New Testament is a picture of his life as prophesied.

Health Tips Health Tips Telugu

Health Tips Health Tips Telugu

The prophets of the Old Testament, who lived 500 to 1500 years before the birth of Christ, told many truths about the life of the Messiah. So when he began his work here on earth, people compared his life to the prophecies mentioned in the Old Testament, what did they say?

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Therefore, the so-called prophets of today do not teach at least 1/1000 of what we see above, but carry bags, are not afraid to dress in the robes we know as monks of trouble, and have the opportunity to teach the teachings of those who have deceived people with the intention of taking their money and destroyed their houses.

For these reasons, the National Governance Service (RGB) has warned all Rwandans, especially believers, that they should be cautious and not believe in the prophecies that are coming these days, which are brought by those who are known as the prophet of miracles and are expected to accept. possessions of the saints and overcome their hearts to deceive them.

These days in Rwanda there are religious people who call themselves miracle prophets and they say they prophesy to people that they will be cured of diseases that are often known to be incurable, pray to them and become rich. .

In a statement released by RGB on September 25, 2018, Rwandans were asked to avoid these prophets and be careful not to accept the promises of so-called prophets because they expect miracles to steal their wealth.

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This statement was signed by RGB head Prof. Shyaka Anastase said that today there are religious people who ask disciples to starve, torture their bodies and burn themselves to suffer like Jesus and also exist. those who deceive women whose children have died and receive them commit adultery with them in order to have their children.

There are religious people who prevent people from seeking medical treatment and there are those who lie to people that God will pay their bank debts and increase their debts so they can pray for them.

The RGB also asked believers to refrain from further spreading teachings that aim to mislead people that may violate human rights or go against the laws of the country, but to spread the relevant teachings and help the people of Rwanda.

Health Tips Health Tips Telugu

Rwandan police operating in the Kinyinya area said this on Monday evening

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Israel Mbonyi, who became the number one gospel artist in Rwanda, explains that he got into worship and praise music.

As soon as word got out that Muvuyi Paul, Muhirwa Fred and other gang members were at the meeting, we rushed in and refused entry. That happened

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