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One thing I almost universally hear from people who have successfully reversed chronic disease or autoimmune symptoms is that the journey is not an easy one. Despite the barrage of messages that this gadget, device, pill, or drug is all we need to successfully cure ourselves of an illness, I have yet to meet someone who makes a miraculous recovery with a quick fix.

Heal Tips Health

Heal Tips Health

The good news, however, is that I have met an extraordinary number of real people who have recovered or recovered from illness through nutritional and lifestyle changes, myself included. I have successfully reversed several autoimmune diseases and I like cancer. One of the most important lessons I can share is this: Change your mindset to a healing mindset as you begin your journey to wellness.

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Instead, it can be helpful to focus on long-term healthy behaviors. For example, committing to a health and wellness nutrition and lifestyle protocol for a period of 3-5 years. This gives your cells a good amount of time to heal in a really meaningful way. Of course, this doesn’t mean you won’t feel better for 3-5 years. (I hope you start feeling better in the first 90 days!) But years of healthy behavior will shift your focus from arbitrary expectations and deadlines to daily choices you feel capable of keeping.

For example: Suppose you read that electromagnetic fields can be harmful. You feel overwhelmed by the process of trying to minimize your exposure. Instead of burying your head in the sand, step forward and accept the overwhelm. Then make a deliberate plan to deal with it. Use the knowledge to empower yourself to turn fear into action by making decisions that promote your health!

Do not rush to change everything at once. (I am almost 7 years into my journey and still making changes!) All journeys unfold step by step. I promise, over time these little changes will add up to big results!

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Shannon Lee Pickering (brown), MS Coach in Psychology, Positive Psychology and Restoration of Health, Certified by Wahls, Bulletproof, Gallup, Strengths Strategy, The Human Potential Institute and Irlen.

Shannon Lee Pickering is a certified positive psychology and health coach and a former psychiatrist. She has successfully reversed autoimmunity and chronic Lyme disease and is thriving with cancer. Her mission and purpose is to inspire others that hope for healing is always possible. She helps others design personalized therapeutic nutrition and lifestyle plans. She accepts private training clients and will launch an online wellness program later this year. She is a co-founder of the Lead Yourself to Health, Love Yourself to Health, and The Roadmap to Leadwell programs. She is also a Wahls Protocol Certified Health Professional.

My life has truly been a journey. Coaching is my third and final profession, the career where my talents and passion collide. I bring 20 years of clinical and corporate experience to coaching from my previous two careers, first as a practicing psychologist/career counselor/assistant professor of psychology and second as a sales professional/national coach/manager at a global Fortune 500 company. I was very successful and when I was 44 years old, I was diagnosed with 7 autoimmune diseases, including systemic lupus. By 2014 I was disabled, lupus was attacking my heart, lungs, and DNA, and I was facing a lifetime of chemotherapy and steroids to stop the progression. I found out the hard way that if you don’t take care of your mind, body, and spirit, your body will shut you down to repair it. And by 2014, my body was trying to shut me down permanently. Well I accepted the call to heal and am now free of autoimmune disease and happy to live in my purpose. I also don’t have autoimmune antibodies, which is really a miracle. I am proud to be featured in the new edition of the Wahls Protocol as a successful Wahls warrior! My passion and purpose now is to help others achieve holistic wellness so that they are free to pursue their passion and purpose, because the world looks to each of our unique contributions.

Heal Tips Health

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The Edgar Cayce Handbook For Health Through Drugless Therapy: Reilly, Harold, Brod, Ruth Hagy: 9780876042151: Amazon.com: Books

Wahls® Protocol Recipe: Bacon Kimchi Skillet Blog, Diet, Wahls Protocol Recipes Inexpensive Tools to Help Manage Your Disability or Support Recovery Blog, Exercise If you want optimal skin, you should expand on these 15 inside and outside tips for health of the .

So if someone tries to sell you the “thing” for optimal clear skin, run away real quick.

For example when I was 13 years old (January 30, 1997). This was my first memory of perioral dermatitis (even though I had no idea it was there at the time).

Sarah has a history of skin rash for two weeks or more, lateral to the nares bilaterally. She appears to start from the right and spread out to the left.

Wiki The Division 2 How To Regain Health Points (heal Your Health And Armor Points)

Diagnosis: fungal rash vs eczema. And treatment: try some Lotrimin AF cream for about a week. If that doesn’t help, try 1% HC.

And then, when I was 14 years old, another similar example. Again when I was 16 (twice that year).

There seems to be enough supporting evidence to suggest that gut microbes and the integrity of the gastrointestinal tract are contributing factors to the acne process. (NIH) Stay Hydrated

Heal Tips Health

Drinking at least 8 glasses a day helps the body and skin to eliminate toxins. Not everyone will agree that drinking water improves skin… but it certainly can’t hurt. Many people often report that by increasing their water intake, their skin has a more radiant glow. (estuary)

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What I learned at the end of my illnesses, including perioral dermatitis, was that it all came back to the gut. There was no magic pill to completely get rid of perioral dermatitis, but it started with a diagnosis of SIBO which then led to my journey to optimal gut health.

A classic sign that my stomach was tight and relapsed ever since has always included PE and/or cystic acne on my back.

“Heal your stomach” = complex. And I understand that. I recommend starting here if you haven’t thought about curing your gut.

Vit. C, the most abundant antioxidant in human skin, is part of a complex group of enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants that coexist to protect the skin from reactive oxygen species. (estuary)

Power Tips For Mental Health (rediscovering Healing Pathways)

Get More Sleep Did you know that most cell repair and regeneration occurs during sleep? So if you don’t get enough rest, how can you expect to recover? At the height of my EP (as seen in the image above), I was getting 5-6 hours of sleep a night, tops. I literally need 8+ hours (and I’ve had a sleep study to prove it). Rest and repair (both your stomach and your skin). Eat your omega-3 fatty acids

Of polyunsaturated fats. They are excellent for reducing systemic inflammation. And it is this inflammation that wreaks havoc on the skin. Get a list of my favorite omega-3 fatty acids at Healthy Fats here.

Include processed foods, high amounts of sugar, and trans fats (such as vegetable oils and/or “partially hydrogenated oils,” as they say). Beyond that, you should navigate this for your situation.

Heal Tips Health

You want to make sure you have enough stomach acid. In fact, research shows that “up to 40% of people with acne have hypochlorhydria.” The idea is that less than adequate stomach acid sets the stage for bacterial migration from the colon to the distal parts of the small intestine, as well as a change in the normal intestinal microflora. If you need a refresher on this, check out my information on hypochlorhydria.

My Natural Health Trends

Less stress, you know. You’ve been there, done that. A week full of stress and chaos and next thing you know, BOOM! Acne breaks out. This is because stress alters the microbial flora, increasing the likelihood of intestinal permeability, which in turn sets the stage for systemic and local skin inflammation. This is by far the most overlooked part of healing.

Important, too. What you put on your skin goes into your bloodstream. Not only do they irritate the skin, but they can also increase the toxic load on your body.

That’s why when someone tells me, “Okay, but my xyz product isn’t actually toxic,” I internally roll my eyes.

Since the dose produces the poison, that logic is correct. But when the dose produces the poison and we are inundated with poison from all angles of our daily lives, then it does.

Spiritual Healing And Wellness Tips

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