Crib Safety Tips Health Canada

Crib Safety Tips Health Canada – If you think you need a crib bumper to make your baby more comfortable and protect them from injury, think again.

It’s easy to see how appealing a crib bumper pad is to new parents. Those prenatal weeks are a blur of frantic decisions about what you need to keep your baby safe in your home, and at first glance, bumpers seem to fit the bill. The soft pads will protect your baby from hard surfaces and any dangers lurking behind the crib rail gaps.

Crib Safety Tips Health Canada

Crib Safety Tips Health Canada

But over the years, health professionals have come to believe that crib bumpers are not only unnecessary protection, but also an additional hazard to your baby. Unlike baby walkers, they are not banned in Canada and are readily available in many baby stores and major retailers.

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In fact, Health Canada and the Canadian Pediatric Society warn against using crib bumpers, and studies have linked them to infant mortality. There are no national safety standards for crib bumpers in the US, but many states prohibit their sale. Meanwhile, the American Academy of Pediatrics says they “have no place in a safe sleep environment.”

When you first hear the name, you might think that a “crib bumper” is something designed to protect an out-of-control crib from crashing. That might be an interesting product idea, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Crib bumpers are pads that line the inside of the crib starting at bed level and rising less than a foot. They are very soft, but like plasterboard for children. The idea is that they help protect babies from injury by preventing them from getting caught in crib rails or rolling or falling onto hard surfaces. Like many baby products, they are sold individually and in bundles with other crib accessories, and are designed to create a cozy, nest-like look that can be attractive.

Instead of reducing risks, experts say crib bumpers create more dangerous risks. “Between the ages of four and nine months, babies are moving,” Kulich says. “If they do that, they’re basically rolling their face into the pillow, which can cause them to suffocate.” Babies are at risk of getting their heads stuck in bumpers and cribs or entangled in long ribbons or ties. When they reach the climbing stage, babies may use the bumper as a stepping stone and risk falling out.

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There isn’t much data on crib bumpers in Canada in particular, and researchers say accidents involving bumpers go underreported because some deaths that are thought to be suffocation may be caused by the bumper but are not reported as such. Such U.S. Between 2008 and 2011, 32 crib bumper deaths were reported in 37 states, according to the National Center for Child Fatality Reporting and Prevention.

Aside from the added risks, the problem buffers are trying to solve no longer exists. While there have been infant accidents in the past related to crib bars and poor design, newer cribs are better constructed and the bars are closer together, so the idea of ​​babies getting caught in crib bars is no longer a concern.

According to Kulich, concerns about head injuries caused by high-impact belt impacts are more the product of parents’ vivid imaginations than reality.

Crib Safety Tips Health Canada

“A child will not generate enough force to catch on the crib rails where they will do serious damage,” he says.

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For safety reasons, many retailers now sell “breathable” mesh crib bumpers that let more air in. But unfortunately, they are not safe either. “Breathability” is a marketing term for how much water can pass through a fabric. In addition, crib bumpers still pose a risk of strangulation and entrapment and account for 13 percent of all crib bumper deaths.

“The safest thing we recommend is a cot mattress with a suitable sheet and sleeping bag and nothing else,” he says.

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Study Shows Increase In Babies’ Deaths Due To Crib Bumpers

Yes, babies have many responsibilities. While you’re expecting, you want to make the outside world as safe as possible for your baby. Your baby will spend many hours sleeping in the first months of life. Getting a baby to sleep is definitely difficult. But the safety of the baby is more important for the child than peaceful sleep. You may not be able to plan their sleep schedule, but you can make sure they sleep safely.

Although rare in India, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS – a condition where a baby dies in its sleep due to unknown causes) and other sleep-related risks do exist. This will raise many questions in your mind. Where is the safest place for your baby to sleep? What is the correct position? Is it okay for the baby to sleep in the bed with me? What type of crib should I buy? Does your child need a pillow? How to ensure the safety of the baby? And what not!

“A lot has changed in the last generation when it comes to the sleeping environment for babies. Single-standard drop-down crabs are now banned. The idea of ​​what should or shouldn’t be in a crib is still going on.

Crib Safety Tips Health Canada

There is nothing more charming and peaceful than watching a sleeping baby! But just like a baby, you will also need sleep. And that makes knowing crib safety and crib safety guidelines a top priority. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about crib and crib safety.

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Most babies are used to sleeping all day and being awake all night. This is because during pregnancy, when the mother carries the baby in her womb, it acts as a cradle. As the mother moves throughout the day, the movement of the tender fetus and the fluid inside it causes shivering, which helps the fetus sleep better. However, when the mother sleeps at night, everything stops and the baby wakes up in her lap. When babies are born, they follow the same routine: they are awake at night and sleep all day. It takes 2-3 months to bounce back and is a difficult time for parents.

It should also be noted that in the first three months, newborns cannot see clearly. By touch, smell and taste they are aware of their mother. And that’s why babies sleep better with mom next to them.

Deep sleep is very important for babies. Most growth hormone is released during sleep. Therefore, sleep becomes a very important part of their physical and mental development. How safe is it to sleep or co-sleep with your baby?

Co-sleeping means letting your baby sleep in your bed with you. If you are a parent in India, you may be wondering why co-sleeping safety is an issue! Centuries of child-rearing experience in India and some studies have concluded that co-sleeping is the best thing for a baby.

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Co-sleeping is safe, beneficial and encouraged unless the mother is an alcoholic, smoker, drug addict, obese or disabled. Co-sleeping reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). It has also been observed that the way the mother breathes affects the way the baby breathes.

Also, if you think from the baby’s perspective – would the baby like to sleep alone in a dark room or with his favorite person on earth? Still thinking about letting your baby sleep alone?

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Crib Safety Tips Health Canada

As mentioned above, the mother is the only person who knows the baby the most. But there are a few things you should keep in mind when co-sleeping with your baby:

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A crib is one of the biggest and most important purchases you will make for your baby. So, you have to choose the right one. New or old, these are the things you need to look for to make sure the crib fits: 1. Crib size.

Make sure the crib bars are 2 3/8 inches or 6mm (no wider than the width of a soft drink can). This will help ensure that

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